Carpet Underlay is S.I.C.K

You may think you don’t need it, you may think it’s a ploy to make you part with your hard earned cash, but having underlay means:-

Sound Proofing



Keeping your carpets looking new longer.

And when it’s time to change carpets, it’s generally time to change underlay. No point thinking I have some already so will spend all on a new plush carpet. It doesn’t work (for long) that way. Old underlay will have changed shape, which may not seem obvious to the eye, but in the high traffic areas of your home the underlay may have collapsed or crumbled which means your new expensive plush carpet is going to soon appear uneven or ridged. That’s not all. Dust and dirt will have sunk into the existing underlay and be harbouring in wait ready to seep through and spoil the look of your gorgeous new carpet.

You know it makes sense.

Come and test your choice of underlay in store where we have fitted various thickness under carpet to make life easier for you.

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